About the Authors

We met through the online Discovering Juliana Jewlery Group in 2007. In early 2009 while re-reading Frank DeLizza's "Delizza and Elster Inc. Memoirs of a Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer" our curiosity about their jewelry of the 1970's and 80's began to grow. We found some pieces and were pretty excited, as they were quite a contrast to what we knew to be Juliana jewelry, yet had the flare and quality we've all come to expect from D&E. In Mr. DeLizza's book, which we will refer to as "Memoirs", Chapter Eight 1970, Pg. 98, he writes in part: "We were pushing more and more belt designs. We were having a very hard time convincing our regular customers that our line was changing. They would just walk past our showrooms saying they couldn't use stone jewelry. It is a little like some of the present day collectors: they have an image set in their minds of what we did, and it is all but impossible to explain we were more than that. I know for them it is doubly hard because they are not being shown anything different, because no one has stumbled on it yet. Even I do not have pictures to show, so it will take a minor miracle for someone to stumble on these items and start everyone looking in another direction." The challenge for a "minor miracle" was on and we went full guns on the hunt. We struck out on some of our finds and had home runs on others. Through trial and error, we began to identify D&E's particular construction and materials used during their last 20 years of production. During our 3 years of finding and gathering, we were encouraged by many of our jewelry e-friends to do yet another book on DeLizza & Elster Jewelry. We took the leap and here it is. Like most collectors, sellers and buyers prefer, our text is brief and to the point. ///// We have presented much of the later jewelry like a fashion spread, so you have a true visual of size and how attractive it is on a real live person. Our models range in height from 5"6" to 6'. Other jewelry that we had in hand to photo is displayed on a bust measuring 10" Tall, 8" Wide with a top circular area of 3 1/2" Across.///// I MOVED THIS VERBAGE TO ANOTHER LOCATION. We hope "Juliana - The Last Generation" sends you digging through your jewelry stash for pieces you have probably had for years, having no idea it is Juliana. We also hope you share the experience of excitement we have with our "minor miracle".

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